Sunless Spray Tans

Wedding? Grad? Hot date? Let's be honest, you don't need a reason to get a Studio One Spray Tan.


We use a colour perfecting complex by California Tan to achieve the perfect sunless application, every time. Sunless tanning uses specially formulated solutions to work with your body's chemistry to darken the top layer of skin. By using salon quality products, you guarantee your sunless tan to darken evenly and then fade gradually. No gross blotchy tans, here!

Sun Kissed Sunless

Colour Potential - Medium

Full Body



Bronze Perfection

Colour Potential - High

Full Body



How does spray tanning work?

Sunless Tanning works with the amino acids or proteins in your body. These proteins are naturally found in the outer surface layers (the stratum corneum layer of the epidermis). The two main key ingredients that assist to activate a spray tan are DHA and ERYTHRULOSE

How long does a spray tan last?

The tan lasts approximately 5-10 days (even longer for some), depending on a person's activities, aftercare and condition of skin. The proper method of exfoliation prior to your spray tan application is the most important factor relating to your spray tan longevity.

I'm going on holidays, do I still need to use sunscreen after my spray tan?

Yes. Although you may feel and look like you have a real tan, a sunless tan is only the temporary appearance of a tan and therefore provides your skin with no real sunburn protection. It is absolutely necessary you wear a sunscreen when outdoors to protect your skin from burning.

What is DHA?

The ingredient dihydroxyacetone or DHA is a colourless sugar which is often plant derived most commonly from sugar cane. It is produced through the process of the fermentation of glycerine which when combined with the body’s natural proteins causes the skin to turn brown.

What is Erythrulose?

Erythrulose is a natural-based keto-sugar that also reacts with the amino acids in the skin.

This is not a stain or dye, but rather a chemical reaction that produces a colour change on all treated skin.

The reaction is similar to the browning effect seen when a cut apple slice is exposed to oxygen.

Erythrulose and DHA are very similar in composition and both react much the same way on the skin surface.

Erythrulose produces a lighter and slower-developing tan, taking 24 to 28 hours to complete development.

When combined with DHA in a tanning solution, the sunless tan is said to last longer, fade better and provide a more cosmetically pleasing colour tone.


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Bronze Perfection

Bronze Perfection


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It's now easier than ever to make an appointment with us! We offer online booking directly from our Website and Facebook Page for our tanning services. For our other services, please call us at 604-826-2688.